About Us


What started off as nothing more than just a dream, The Taste Garden Café & Catering has rapidly blossomed into a tangible form of reality. Bringing two of life’s most important elements together; food and family. Our family owned café and catering business provides a prodigious experience for everyone to enjoy. We provide a vast selection of food that are both rich in flavor as well as culture; we can take you from one end of the world to another with just one bite.

Freshness is one our main priorities, this is showcased greatly at our 35 Nutmeg Drive location in Trumbull, CT. We offer both vegetarian and gluten free options, we also support local farms by using their fruits and vegetables in many of our fresh salads located at our salad bar. All of the dressings are also made in house; from our salad dressings to the flavored mayonnaise’s and salsa’s used in your favorite sandwiches!

Aside from our amazing tasting food, we are complimented by a hardworking & welcoming staff. Our business was built on the foundation of family which is how we treat both our staff & our customers.

On a personal note…

We are a family owned and operated catering business turned cafeteria and food truck! What started off as a one man show, Chef Genaro starting his own side catering business quickly became a family affair. It became all of his kids first official job during high school; learning to plate food, bake deserts, serve buffet lines, and later on learning all of the recipes. The love of family in food is what pushed our family to open up our cafeteria. With now over 35 years of catering experience, we are in our 9th year at our cafeteria located in RD Scinto’s commercial office building at 35 Nutmeg Drive, in the Trumbull Corporate Park and our 3rd year with our food truck.

With all of the support we receive from our long time customers, we decided to expand and bring our food to different parts of the State of CT and surrounding areas with our food truck where we highlight our Mexican culture and share it in the form of tacos!

Seeing how much our business has grown and how our family only grows stronger with it, we would love to thank all of those who have supported us throughout this journey. Without you guys, we are not what we have become today. With every “we can’t” you reminded us that indeed, we CAN. Thank you all for continuously challenging us and our abilities, we truly love you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The Taste Garden Cafe Supports Local Businesses