Daily Specials

                       Menu Week of May 26th- May 29th

Monday 5/26– No Hot Lunch 

Tuesday 5/27– Taco Tuesday: Choice of Chicken or Carnitas  Tacos w/ Choice of Available Toppings w/ Rice & Beans 

Wednesday 5/28– Lomo Saltado or Roasted Chicken Served w/ French Fries & Rice w/ Green Aji Sauce

Thursday 5/29– Cook to Order Pasta Station: Choice of Meat – Chicken or Sausage, Choice of Pasta- Cheese Tortellini, Fettuccini & Penne Pasta, Choice of Sauce- Marinara, Alfredo or Meat Sauce


                                                                                  Meal Pricing 

                                                                    1 Entree + 2 Sides $12.00 

                                                                   2 Entrees + 2 Sides $15.00 

                                                                   3 Entrees + 2 Side $18.00 

                                                                          Just Entree $7.00 

                                                                                 Sides $3.00

Rewards Program

Join our rewards program! Ask the cashier to sign you up, for every credit/debit card purchase you will receive a receipt with a code. Text the code to the number provided, and you will begin earning points! For a more secure way to keep track of your points and if you pay in cash, you can download the Clover App on your iPhone or Android device, follow the steps to sign up and locate The Taste Garden Cafe! Check in once at the register and you will automatically be checked in any time after that! Once you earn enough points (150 points), you’re able to redeem a discount on one of your meals ($10 OFF)! We also have a punch card available for those who spend $15 or more for every transaction, if you’d wish to start one, just let the cashier know! Once you’ve filled out the card, you will also receive a discount of $10!

Please note, you can only use one or the other per transaction and you must inform the cashier that you are enrolled in either program. If you lose/ forget your card or if you forget to inform the cashier, you are unable to redeem those lost points UNLESS you have the receipt for each purchase.